Happy Seafair! It is now Friday, and we (the camp) are driving to Fleet Week after sleeping over at the museum. Yesterday was very busy. First we watched the Blue Angels practice, then we headed to Wings Aloft (an FBO at Boeing Field) to fly.

Before the flight I saw a T-38 Talon depart from a good view (the flightline). During the flight we went to Bremerton, then overflew Sea-Tac and went to Renton, then back to BFI. The flight was very cool. I will tell you a few notable things that happened.

Before flight, we delayed a while, during part of that time I was using the bathroom and while I was gone two A-10 Warthogs landed. They parked just out of view and around the corner of the ramp. As we took off we flew past the Blue Angels, Harriers, Warthogs, and a random KC-135.

As we landed, I heard a “flight of two” (formation) on the radio, and also the callsign “Oracle 5” (the Oracle Challenger? I spotted it taking off days earlier). We landed very early and got to sit in pool chairs on the tarmac watching the traffic.

Helicopters took off less than 50 yards away, and anything landing on the short runway (31R-13L) flew directly over us. I saw the Geico Extra 300S landing and the 787.

Also, as we were going to sleep, I heard a noise, looked outside and a P-3 Orion taxied past. Seafair is in full swing! I took lots of pictures and will post soon. Sorry Mom, I couldn’t call, my phone died. Will call soon! This was an Iphone post, sorry for grammar problems! Thanks!