Hello all! I am now in Portland taking my brother to college at Lewis and Clark. I think Lewis and Clark is like a school in the forest just outside of Portland. But for some reason, whenever I look up, I see F-15’s in formation! I must have seen seven of these small formations in two days! I looked it up and I guess they are Oregon ANG F-15’s based out of Portland International Airport. If PDX shares their runways with the Air National Guard, they must have some special rules.

If you remember the sonic booms during President Obama’s visit, those were made by ANG F-15’s from Portland. I kinda want to visit the airport now to see them take off, because they seem to fly on a regular basis. I am not flying out of PDX otherwise I would have seen them already, sadly I have to take the three hour drive back to Seattle.

Maybe I will go past McChord on the drive back? Thanks!