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Hey y’all! I’m in Chicago! Sorry I’ve been gone super long. I’m going to explain everything. Super busy at school and I have other distractions including: new interests (read more soon), slightly exhausting ex-girlfriends, school, and very distracting video games.

I haven’t played FSX forever, I’m still in CAP, occasionally I study aviation, I’m way out of practice, such a hassle to use my computer (30 minutes just to set up, a new glitch each time), and I have new hobbies (my spoiled brat Aviation isn’t getting all the attention that he wants, Working Out, Foreign Languages, 8th Grade, and Television were born.

Para mi, esto es muy diferente, I am used to having one devoted section of time to aviation: School, HW, Aviation, Tiempo Libre. Now its like so complex I need a task list on the daily to fit my specific needs for each child (interest).

New Interests: Ok, I have become interested in different hobbies and career paths. I suddenly started having an odd urge to speak more than a little spanish, I started–get this—actually liking that class (it was once hated for fear of the fast-chattering-tri-lingual-classroom-president known as David but pronounced DavEEd, actually a cool dude, I was just afraid of spanish at the time).

Anyways, after I started liking spanish it all went downhill… “Oh, look how interesting French looks, but wow Arabic is amazing, cool Russian symbols, but Chinese is a practical choice…” and it came down to my decisions based on how interesting and useful (and what my deep soul was telling me).

Now I have to study for: school, aviation, CAP, French, Spanish, and Italian. I have to practice: Flying, working out, more languages [including aimless conversations with myself in the shower sometimes involving an imaginary Dominican named Juan (yeah I’m going nuts but at least I have an imaginary Spanish friend!) and attempting to directly translate American pop music to spanish], and finally (if you still follow) morse code.

So as you can see my aviation stuff is no longer my only life, I now need to balance things out a little bit. On top of all this, I’m having a 1/7-of-my-life-crisis involving careers: Pilot, linguist, secret service agent, or US marshal?

I’m not even going to try to explain this, my fingers están muy cansados and my Iphone is going to blow up from my rambling E-rants. I’ll try to update this blog more, but to any aviation enthusiasts reading: this blog may have to integrate (no I’m not talking about ethnicity but all cultures are welcome!). I have a blog especially for languages (si usted habla español, va aquí) but my newly knowledge thirsty brain may need to add some new spice to this blog. Not sure yet what to write about, but It may not be aviation related. Don’t stop reading though. Wow, extreme rant, sorry, hope you aren’t mad about my lack of posts/aviation interest. Happy Holidays! Thanks!

Bonjour, Grandpa! Parlez-vous françois? (My mom told me you speak French and German! Cool! This one is for family mostly (or any of you who know me personally and wanted me to post again).

Check my language blog if you speak spanish and correct me! Give me real explanations!! Thanks!