Hey everybody! Sorry I no longer post regularly. Busy 8th grader I guess. Anyways, nothing much has happened except one major event and one other aviation related thing.

1st: My dad got and built me a very nice computer that will run FSX incredibly well. I’ll update about that soon.
2nd: I’m in Hawaii doing all sorts of paradise-like things that don’t relate to aviation. But… I’m going on a helicopter ride (maybe). It should be crazy, I’ve never been in a helicopter, and never in my dreams in Hawaii! I have my friends parents to thank for so much (they invited me to the island of Kauai).

Anyways, not much aviation going on, I’m slowly forgetting my pilot-like thinking, and find myself reading old posts by me just so that I can try to re-learn some stuff!! I always say this, but I am going to try to post more soon. Thanks!