Hey everybody! By now you must have realized and come to accept that when I say “I’ll post soon”, it never happens. Well, I am finally accepting my fate, school is really busy and I spend my free time watching Fringe (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). I am happy to say that the summer will bring new opportunities, and much free time.

Another thing is my new computer. My tech-wiz dad built it for me for my birthday, it will pretty much run flight simulator at top settings with a good frame right. Love it! I haven’t flown for 6 months, so I can barely land a 172. The most frustrating feeling is not being able to do something that you used to do in your sleep (on a simulator of course).

Finally, I will soon be heading to Phoenix, Arizona for March Madness basketball. Please, don’t stalk me, unless you want to bring Vanilla Coke and have a planespotting party at Luke AFB (anyone?). So while I’m there I will probably see A-10′s or F-16′s. Arizona is like aviation central for me. I love it there, the combination between deserts and planes makes me happy.

Remember, I accepted my fate, but I won’t completely abandon this site. Just expect a few less posts than normal.

Y, para todas de las personajes espanolas, voy a escribir en mi otro blog, pero no se cuando.

Merci, grazie, gracias, Thanks!