Hello! As you might know, I’m in Phoenix. It is very warm and dry as usual, and the basketball is very fun to watch. The aviation aspect is like a wild goose-chase, my eyes are always scanning the skies for a glimpse of the coveted F-16 Falcon. It is usually very easy to see considering the hundreds of sorties flown each day, but this trip is different, I have barely seen anything. I can almost turn visits to Phoenix into an unconventional poem:

“As we drive through the parched, aged, and urbanized desert, I wonder where they are. I know that in some sector of this out of place city, fighters cruise the blue, contrails tracing designs in the all seeing sky. My own eyes are constantly scanning, hoping for a glimpse.”

-Graham Benedict 

Something like that…

Anyways, as the above entrance says, I have been looking for the jets for a while. I generally will see contrails at 30,000 feet or an occasional group of 4 dots cruising in the distance. Most of our time has been spent miles away from the base or the range, so I haven’t been able to see any low level formations or high speed manuevers.

I’m still hoping, but jets or not, I am enjoying the vacation.