The Goals For This Blog

These are the reasons I made this blog:  When I first made this blog, I was extremely out of practice in the aviation category of life. This usually bothers me a lot, and it did. So to help me bring back information and learn some new things I created this blog. For some reason writing helps me remember forgotten aviation stuff, so the more I wrote the more I remembered. It also helps me keep organized by writing about upcoming aviation events and goals (doesn’t benefit other readers, but other parts do). The last reason (and probably the most important for me) I made this page is so that I could get feedback from real pilots and other aviation professionals. Sometimes at airshows I am able to ask pilots some questions but that doesn’t happen often. So I created this site to try to get help on it.

That was the part about me, but I also made it to help others (aimed toward teenagers like me) who are interested in aviation. I am definitely NOT an expert on aviation, no matter how hard I try (I will only be when I get my airline transport pilot license). BUT for someone interested in aviation that doesn’t know anything I can supply small amounts of information and give good links and ideas of what to do to help fulfill your aviation interest. For example: If you go the Civil Air Patrol’s main page ( you will see lots of basic information that you may already know (age limits, our main missions, etc…). But you may want more detailed information on specific things like what a local squadron does or what happens at the meetings. My blog or blogs like mine could help to give you that info (my example is not very good because I have only been to a few CAP meetings. But I am sure that the main site doesn’t give you all the details) and if you really want to know something you think I might know, then email me at I really hope this site is well-balanced between helping me and helping other people. Also, please email me or give me feedback! Thanks!



1 thought on “The Goals For This Blog”

  1. It’s great that you want to learn from others and share with others.

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